Prince has sort of taken a bit of a break from releasing records every month and MF Doom is slowing down to only a few a year now, so who is going ot take over? It seems it just might be Roger Bennett with the help of his current-continuous-collaborators, Josh Kun (book), David Katznelson (record label) & Courtney Holt (on dem, Through the Reboot Stereophonic imprint, he reissues classic, but forgotten jems while publishing Guilt & Pleasure magazine (our favorite yiddishe hipster mag) and a nice collection of books that you would find in Urban Outfitters, if they decide to open up a shop in Volozhin.

Defying all predictions that this holiday season will be a Black Christmas and by extension, a Black Hannukah too… I am involved in a new book with my partner, Josh Kun, AND YOU SHALL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF OUR VINYL: The Jewish Past as Told by the Records We Have Loved and Lost is the product of the last eight years we have spent scouring thrift stores across the country to collect thousands of vinyl LPs from attics, garage sales, thrift stores and archives. Pieced together these scratched, once loved, now forgotten gems tell a vibrant tale, the story of Jews in America. We dig beyond the holy trinity of Barbara (Streisand), (Neil Diamond), and Barry (Manilow) to tell a story of well-dressed cantors singing Christmas tunes, Johnny Mathis rocking his a

Purchase the book here

Celebrate the book’s release @ Joe’s Pub in New York City on December 11th info here

Check out the website –


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