Woody Allen walks in to a federal court

Woody Allen asked a federal court on Monday to strip American Apparel, the porno clothing company which advertises itself as a fair trade hipster empire, of at least $10 million for using his image on billboards and on the Internet. We would take it as a compliment considering every other person they used were way hotter than Mr. Allen. Considering how well Dov Charney is doing with his stores and his 6,700 employees, I don’t think the $10mil will hurt him. I do think out of respect, Dov should have asked Woody for his image, but then Woody probably would not have allowed him to write “the holy rebbe.” in Yiddish over the famous image of him from ANnie Hall where he is dressed like a Chassidic man.

p.s. Dov used to come to our SOMA parties at Sin Sin couple years back. We always confused him with Berel


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