Yo Ya

Everyone remembers the famous Israeli song, “Yo Ya’ and everyone loves how its upbeat and fun. I mean, damn, I DJed it last night at a Israel 60 party, but what no one realizes even after 30 yrs is that the song is actually depressing as hell. Show how much people pay attention to lyrics when there is a good beat behind it.


Click Numer 1 in the Shemspeed Player below to have a listen!


I got a harsh sentence
They sentenced me to death
I sat on the electric chair
Said good-bye to my (car)

I hoped that at least
I could change chairs
Because they say
(If you change your place you change your luck)

Hey yo ya
I ask you
Hey yo ya
You answer me
Hey yo ya
Is it fair?
Hey yo ya
You don’t know

My brother used to collect stamps
That’s why he worked in the post office
He would sort the mail
(Even got promoted)

One day a supervisor noticed
That he also collected letters
From his job he was immediately fired
Because all good things must have an end*

Hey yo ya

I had an uncle who was so lazy
He was too tired even to nap
He’d go off to the (ant)
Come back tired

If he wasn’t so stupid
He’d know there was
More to the saying:
See the path and learn.**

Hey yo ya

My cousin wanted to learn to swim
So he could surf all day
He learned to swim by correspondence course
From a famous lifeguard

When he finally got in the water
Within seconds he was gone
Two jumped in right away
Drowning the two from the one***

Hey yo ya


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