Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Freestyle

Today marks a point in history where the world remembers the Holocaust; a period in World War II Nazi Germany where over 6,000,000 jews were killed in concentration camps in what Adolf Hitler deemed the Final Solution. An additional five million people from Gypsies, Soviet POW’s, homosexuals to people with physical disabilities were also killed. Very much inspired through his own faith and commitment to Judaism and family,(most of whom were killed in the Holocaust) Kosha Dillz performs an acapella freestyle referencing the motto “Never Again.”

The motto stems form the fact that if survivors pass this story down to the younger generations, genocide will never happen again. Kosha Dillz prides himself on performance skills and improv touring the world with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Matisyahu. The best part of his versatility is the ability to carry a cutting edge message of integrity to Jews whereever they are in the crowd, helping them stay true to the roots and identity so many have previously died for.

The phrase Never Again was also the title for Wu Tang Killah Beez MC Remedy, who coined one the most successful Holocaust related song to date (watch here)

Please take a moment today to reflect on so long ago and share these videos with your friends and family. We can educate those who are unaware of such atrocities, and prevent history from repeating itself.


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