Arabs be rockin the Juez steez??

Y-Love has been posting all over about Hasidic women wearing hijabs, “I saw one of the followers of veil advocate Rabbanit Bruria Keren decked out in hijab sal and abaya…in Boro Park, walking down 13th Avenue with her friend, chatting and schmoozing in frumspeak.” It’s interesting what has happened to the face of Jews in the public eye over the last hundred years. Eastern European Jews took over so much that there is rarely any limelight on any Jues rocking it like the Rambam (side). Ashkenaz has become so main stream that if you would see a Jew who looked like Rambam you’d think he was Arab. Y-Love, you got a point there…. Lets switch it up! For most interesting photo of a Jew who still holds it down old school Jewish style submitted to, gets a hot off the press “This is Babylon” album. I’ll start it off Diwon style.


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