Axum – Esh Esh Medoora אקסום – אש אש מדורה // music video

If you haven’t heard Axum, it’s cuz they are posted up in Israel tearing it up and you haven’t been on it, but don’t worry cuz SaBBo, one of our favorite producers whipped this up for you all to bump to. Watch it and be on the look out for our favorite track by Axum on the upcoming Sephardic Music Festival CD Volume 2 which will be released worldwide during our NY Sephardic Music Fest which goes down this Chanukah (Dec 8th – 15th). Pick up SMF Vol. 1, HERE, it featured Matisyahu with a Yemenite chorus, Yasmin Levy sweetly singing Mi Korasón, Yair Dalal’s introspective Ya Ribon Alam, & Sarah Aroeste being remixed by Tamir Muskat of Balkan Beat Box.

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