Brody on Israel National News

Brody is the undisputed king of Israeli spiritual/soul/hip hop who mixes moroccan style with Hebrew and English melodies and rapping. Brody burst onto the scene with his “Lecha Dodi” remix of Akon’s “Right Now”. He followed that up with “Shir HaShirim”, a spiritual album collaboration with Diwon & Dugans of Dreams in Static, which you could pick up, here. Brody is the latest addition to the Shemspeed record label and his release, “Ad Matai” will be released this fall and will feature a few singles in collaboration with west coast production house, MSP.

Brody was just interviewed on Israel National News: Remixing Jewish Minds with Music


INFO: Derek Cling and Natanel Danziger interview Jewish singer/hip hop artist Benyamin Brody, and talk about the inherent value that music has as a form of Jewish outreach today. They also discuss the general theme of music as being a ‘route to the soul’, and the importance of sharing positive, Jewish, spiritual music with the world.


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