The Israeli Breakdown # 1; Ortega

This is the first installment of the “The Israeli Breakdown”. The Israeli hip hop scene is constantly on the rise. With many new names added frequently, there are a few that are making a lot of noise in the holy land these days. It seems like in the past few years the hip hop scene in Israel is undergoing a positive change. Instead of imitating what is going on MTV, many artists are developing their own unique styles. Lately, more independently produced mix tapes are hitting the streets than ever before, and the hip hop culture is becoming more visible by the day. The future looks brighter than ever with many local and US based groups putting together new music and collaborating with each other. We have entered a new era, from mix tapes flooding the streets, to freestyle session and frequent hip hop shows everywhere you look. There is no more denying that hip hop in Israel is here to stay.

One of the leading names of the new generation of rappers in Israel is Ortega has decided to bring his own flavor to the streets. Just few weeks ago, the Hertselia native has released his first solo mix tape “4:47”. “4:47” which stands for the time to wake up, contains eleven tracks that show more of a mature side of Ortega. The mix tape is independently released and produced by Ortega with the help of Borgor, Michael Cohen, and DJ Mesh. Most of the hard copies printed are already gone, but do not to worry “4:47” will be available online for a free download soon. Until then here are some free songs from the mix tape available for download;

You can also check out Ortega’s page for some videos of him in action;

Be on the lookout for our next edition of The Breakdown with dJOoKRoO, as we dig in deeper into the Israeli hip hop scene. From the West coast of the United States to the heart of Israel, we will bring you all the music updates in the Israeli hip hop game.

For more Hebrew hip hop song click here;

To download dJOoKRoO – Taim Laozen (the mixtape), click here.

To download Diwon – Sabra Sessions Vol. 1 (the mixtape), click here.

– Mor “Morpheum” Ben-Shimon, dJOoKRoO


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