Chromeo & A Trak (Arab/Jewish Funk & Kanye)

A Trak, Chromeo, Complex Magazine, Fool's GoldIt is possible that some of you still somehow don’t know who Fool’s Gold founder A Trak and his older bro, Dave 1 of Chromeo fame are, but that just means you aren’t familiar with the DMC championships, Obey Giant and/or Vice Magazine’s “dos and don’ts”, The Fader, Pitchfork and all the other hipster things you hate to love. If you are scratching you head while reading this, allow me to elucidate. A Trak has gone from winning the DMC DJ Championship countles times in a row to being Kanye’s official DJ, then he started Fool’s Gold which compete’s with Mad Decent as the premier electronic underground massive all while Shepard Fairey decided to take on some art direction for his releases. A Trak is lil’ bro to the equally successful and talented Dave 1 who is one part of the duo that is Chromeo. Chromeo is basically what it would sound like if you had three turntables and pressed play on “Funky Town”, “Erotic City” & “One More Time” at the same time. They call themselves the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture. Their records sound as fresh and original as they could be while jacking 80’s fab electro sounds. I love A Trak because I love Bmore music and I still sometimes dj his remix of Stevie’s “Sir Duke”. Grab it below.



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