DeScribe & Y-Love on a comment from their YouTube hit of a quarter million

Shemspeed forwards a youtube comment on DeScribe & Y-Love’s “Change” music video over to the artists themselves.

The comment? “You guys are the greatest thing that happend to jewish music finally jewish music is even cooler that english crap, when is more stuff coming ouut U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Y-Love to DeScribe: “yeah! when are more Y-LOVE and Describe tracks coming out?”

DeScribe to Y-Love: “lol”

Y-Love to DeScribe: “notplaying #teamserious #shemspeed911”

DeScribe to Y-Love: “John Legend tune: “Take it slooow, oh sloooow…..”

Y-Love to DeScribe: “OMG! Y-LOVE has taken over the shul and he’s taking hostages! What are his demands? / I want an 8 bar chorus and a 16 bar verse NOW! in unmarked .wavs!”

DeScribe to Y-Love: “As good faith first give up a few scenes of YOU on your music vid. and we will work on the demands, we are sending in a cell phone just dont hurt any body!”

Y-Love to DeScribe: “you want key scenes in the music vid? DONE. whichever one. “This is Unity” or “Move On”. it’s a non-issue.
The demands of al-Huub al-Y:
a) a 16-bar verse and a 8-bar chorus
b) on stage performances
c) 5 tweets


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