Official Semitic Swag Single & Music Video out now in time for Passover!


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The single, produced by Diwon, stars Israeli rap superstar SHI 360 and fresh triple threat Cobe, Nathan Sela, and Y-Love (the world’s first gay black Jewish hip-hop artist). The song features an early Missy Elliot/Timbaland sound and uncensored Jewish pride by artists “rocking it since the Babylon era.”

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More info: First was the Israeli Keffiyeh, which broke boundaries in the fashion world after its feature in the New York Times. Now Semitic Swag builds on the Israeli Kef’s success with the March 28 launch of its brand new fashion, art, and music site,
The live launch on March 28 at 8 pm will feature music from the city’s hottest underground artist, interactive art exhibits, and a fashion installation previewing the latest apparel by Semitic Swag’s chief designer and creator of the Israeli Keffiyeh, Boris Chertok. The venue is Zanger Hall (347 W 34th St.). For info and tickets, visit
The launch’s theme is “Passover: Fashion, Art, Music.” The event will bring together musicians and painters, fashion and wine, jewelry and sculptures to fuel the celebration of freedom and Jewish tradition. Don’t miss what the industry is calling a “rare treasure of cultural collectives and celebration.”

According to Diwon, Shemspeed’s founder and artist, “We envision a very unique event that combines fashion, art, music, and performance in a way that breaks down the boundary between the artwork and the audience. We hope to create an environment in which the viewer is — in a very real sense — part of the artistic experience.”
Painters will create pieces live which will be available as part of the event’s silent auction. “We want to cultivate a hands-on, interactive atmosphere that unites artists and attendees in the creative process,” Diwon added.
Join the Movement. Download the “Semitic Swag” song (here) and watch the music video (here). Strut your Semitic Swag at, which offers the classic Israeli Keffiyeh plus American, UK, Semitic, and Kaballah models.
With the launch of Semitic Swag, Hebrews have never been this hot.


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