Don’t Scream Matisyahu’s Name

I’ve been checking out some of the JamBase’s Tour Journal of Matisyahu. This one is Volume 4 and titled “Search For Truth” and finds Matis connecting to the fans that go deep inside and close their eyes at his shows and not to the fans that scream his name. He says, he won’t look at those fans and doesn’t want to give them the satisfaction. So, next time you are at a Matisyahu show, don’t scream his name and look excited, we suggest closing your eyes. Watch further and hear Matis speaking about his Christian followers in the south who love his music because it’s faith based. What is cool about this video is that it captures Matis crying out niggun style to Hashem, whereas most of the other videos now throw in Matis performing band or accapella versions of “One Day”. The video ends with Matis singing Shma Yisroel, very powerful and very jammy….ch-ch-ch-eck it out!

Don’t forget, you can check out Volume 1 of the Tour Journal, where Matisyahu performs “One Day” at Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem, here. And you can check out Volume 2 here, and Volume 3 here.

Check JamBase soon for Volume 5 of the Matisyahu JamBase Tour Journal.

– Guy Emanuel


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