Edan, The Humble Magnificent

Edan, is by far my favorite MC. I remember going to check him out and told Y-Love to come along and check him out. I recall Y-Love being blown away by his beat juggling, his rappin while throwin and playin with it all through a guitar pedal effect, his beat juggling and even when he took out a kazzoo and a classical guitar and playin that while still holdin down that rock star prescene. We were both blown away and Guy Emanuel, got it on film, check it here. For real, Edan is beat juggling (impressive) and rhymin at the same time (unbelievable type of ish!). Anyway, we are both from Maryland and I rmeember bumpin into him at an Atmosphere show slingin CDRs and then calling his house and his mom answered and heard my hebrew name and was like, “ata medaber ivrit”? I was like, “wtf!” Edan is Jewish!? Edan is Israeli!? Anyway, he jumped in the car and we jammed in my basement. I was surprised, the dude went to Berkley School of music and could play the bass like nobody’s business. I think I still have a copy of his Metronauts Cassette. It was him and my boy Father Scott. Not sure anyone has copies of that anymore!

Well, ch-ch-check this!
Edan is dropping a new record called Echo Party on Five Day Weekend. Stones Throw has a pre-order here. Here’s the info on the project: 

Edan was given access to the Traffic Ent. Group’s back catalog of old school rap – labels like Magic Records, Chocolate Star, P&P among others – and asked to create something new out of it, whatever he wanted. What began as a simple mixtape, two years later turned into a 30-min record of dance, rap and punk, utilizing everything from turntables, tape echo, guitar, moog and maybe even kazoos. He’s even going to hand-draw each LP cover. 

Seen above – the image with the red type with the guy in the bow tie – is the CD cover. The vinyl LP covers are going to be all white-tip on sleeves, like those old 60s records, with Edan stenciling, or stamping, or doing some kind of cover art to each one personally. There will be only 1000 made. 

– Erez Safar


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