Help usher in the new era of Jewish music!

The past few months have really been a turning point for Jewish music . With brand new music coming out from Y-Love and Describe, remixes from Diwon and new amazing acts breaking in to the east coast market like Ephryme and Vokcal. I feel we can honestly say there is actually good positive hip hop out now to listen to. The days of justifying to ourselves thats its okay to listen to our old Jay-Z albums because it will put me in a better mood to serve Hashem are over!! We can now actually listen to kosher music that is good, that we actually like and can relate to with out sacrificing a major part of our selves and personalities. We cannot keep shemspeed and their artists to ourselves we need to tell our friends to stop sleeping on Jewish hip hop!! Everyone has had that experience when you’re going out to dinner with someone who does not keep kosher and they automatically think that the restaurant you are going to take them to is terrible because its kosher and their burger and fries will taste totally different and weird. That narrow mindedness has also become a stereotype for Jewish music, but it’s not true anymore and people need to know that. Share the love with friends and family!!

– Yosef Mandelbaum

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