I Love Jews In The New Year

“I Love Jews” was chosen by the chosen as the theme song for the Nu Ju Year 5772 and not just because Kosha and C-Rayz Walz drop “Baruch Hashemillionaire” in their rhymes, but because it’s the most unlikely concept ever to be blended with the Delfonics infectious melody, “La La La Means I Love You,”. C-Rayz much like our homeboy Kyle Rapps always find a way to fit food into their rhyme play which makes us hungry as we head nod, and thought you all might want to not only give the gift of free music for the holidays coming up, but food as well. Check these slick eats by Kosher in the Kitch.

[form 20 “ilovejews”]

* Get the full C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz album, “Freestyle vs. Written”, here.


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