Ilya Khodosh rocked the Monologues

I finally got to check out the Birthright Monologues. Our old friend Vanessa “Hebrew Mamita” Hidary and Shemspeed blogger, Farrah Fidler are both heavily involved in organizing so we had to show our support. I really had no idea how blown away by the performances I would be, some were more to my taste than others, but when the performers really dug deep into the memories and experiences they had and matched those with performance personality and great delivery, thems were the jamz. For instance, Ilya Khodosh mixed the smallest memory of a guy on his trip who wanted to room with his girlfriend into an award winning performance where he takes the audience into his life where his mom thinks his face is too harsh to stay safe in Russia and his lack of friends should be reason enough for jumping on a birthright trip. Check out the performance above, I would drive miles just to see this guy filibuster.

check out more videos here.


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