Torah Hardcore

As we keep you updated with all things Moshiach Oi, We would like to let you know that ‘Torah Hardcore’ is catching on, just this past Chanukah Jdub posted a free download of a track they found and and call ‘Kosher-core’. 2009 will indeed be all about JewCore. They posted the traditional “Maoz Tzur” aka “Rock of Ages” by The Schleps.
download – The Schleps – Maoz Tzur.

The king of Torah Core is pumping out weird videos of his band in their basement on youtube, check em here.
” I Want to Learn Torah”
“Better Get Ready (for Moshiach)”

Look out for the Moshiach Oi album on the Shemspeed boutique label, late spring time. We will also have a free download of his “Lashon Hara” track very soon, for now check it on the myspace


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