I’m on a Boat

So we saw this a little while ago on SNL, but had no idea that it was actually a real/fake group. They have a name and everything, their name is “The Lonely Island”. The group is fronted by the ultra-Semitic, Andy Samberg the ultra awkward, Jorma Taccone and what I has just been brought to my attention is that the 3rd members actually beats Samberg for Jewishy names, Akiva Schaffer. The video above of “I’m on a Boat”, featuring T-Pain and his Autotune, is the latest single from their debut album, “INCREDIBAD” which is actually in stores right now and no joke, it’s on Universal. Last time a Jew flipped the SNL comedy ting into a major record deal they had to use Chanukah to sell the damn thing. We love you Sandler, but it’s Samberg’s turn now.

– Erez Safar

p.s. Be aware there are a lot of bad words throughout this song. If you are my wife’s little sister, do not watch this!


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