K’naan’s Wavin Flag at World Cup and on CNN

Last time I heard K’naan’s song “Wavin Flag” was when I was walking around Crown Heights with Matisy, he was singing it as if he was both celebrating and memorizing the melody. The song is catchy in its anthem like power and inspiring with its hopeful message, it has similar qualities to Matis’ “One Day”, it’s no wonder the two were on tour together a few months back. K’naan is an artist that seems to walk on top of the underground, but way below the mainstream and so we are really proud that his song has been chosen and we wish him the best. Be sure to check out his records, “The Dusty Foot Philosopher” (a record I gave DeScribe and which has since changed his life, musically) and Troubadour (a bit more mainstream, but with a lot of the fresh faced swagger that made ‘Dusty’ so innovative and different).

– Erez Safar


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