Last Second Matisyahu @ Rockwood show

If you are all about Twitter and Matisyahu then you too would know what’s going on tonight in NYC. Aaron Dugan is performing at Rockwood Music Hall tonight. The Music Hall part of the name makes it sound massive, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The place holds less than 80 people in the performance space. In fact when I saw Fools for April there with 35 of my closest friends, I couldn’t picture one more friend in the place to be. For that reason it is ultra cool (I hate the term supercool), that Matisyahu is performing there right after his guitarist Aaron Dugans’ set. Aaron at 8, Matis at 9. info at

p.s. I saw this on the Brooklyn Vegan site:
If Matisyahu interests you at all, this recent interview/article at The Jewish Daily Forward is pretty interesting.

– Guy Emanuel


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