New ‘Not So Good’ Voices

I was reading “New Voices” this weekend, it caught my attention because it had Shalom Keller, a dude I know from a few years back on the cover and because it said it was “The Lubavitch Issue”. The magazine is funded by a slew of different Jewish foundations, or as the editor would like to call them, “the mainstream Jewish establishment”. Well, in an article titled, “The Trouble With the Chabad Rabbi’s Wife: Why the Jewish Establishment Should Stay Away from the Chabad House”, the editor of this magazine writes a disturbingly ignorant and ugly piece which ends off with this well thought out sentence, “In farming the work of continuity out to Chabad, the mainstream Jewish establishment throws away its own values, and wastes an opportunity to make real contributions to Jewish life.” I guess for the editor, mainstream Jewish life doesn’t include helping the poor, building schools, building mikvahs, I mean, the list is endless and Chabad does all of that. He is clearly taking on the hypocritical type of liberalism wherein you preach pluralism to the exclusion of certain groups. Anyway, who is this guy to speak for all of “mainstream Jewish values”.

– Guy Emanuel


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