Le Bucktownnukah

What do you get when you cross Bucktown and Chanukah? Bucktownukah, of course! On Dec. 27th, Chabad of Bucktown/Wicker Park will be hosting a greasy food fest in the back room at Nick’s Beer Garden to celebrate the 7th night of Chanukah. Mmm..nothing says Happy Chanukah like latkes and PBR.

The cover charge is $15 at the door ($10 if you register in advance through jewishbucktown.com) and includes a night of free food, one complimentary drink and $3 domestic draught specials. Shemspeed.com will be providing the evening’s soundtrack, ranging from hip-hop to rock and jazz.

The party starts at 9pm, so if you’re one of the many local residents who is used to only seeing Nick’s through liquor-blurred eyes at 4am, this is your chance to walk right in the door instead of waiting in line with all the other late-night drunkards until you’re nearly sober again. 

Nick’s Beer Garden is located at 1516 N. Milwaukee Ave. For more information, call 773-772-3770 or email Rabbi@jewishbucktown.com.


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