Matisyahu EP & interview w/guitarist, Aaron Dugan

Israel National Radio’s “The Beat” interview’s Matisyahu’s guitarist and friend, Aaron Dugan, about how he met Matisyahu and his avante garde jazz projects. The show plays songs from Matisyahu’s new CD Shattered and exclusive live tracks, as well as, new music from jazz musician Daniel Zamir, Gush Etzion area singer Mordechai Yitzhar Baumol, You Turned Out to be a Humous by E-Z, Sephardic soul with Agadetah and Diwon’s The Beat Guide to Yiddish.

The new Matisyahu song “Two Child One Drop” (which recalls something…ah, nevermind…) has got a Diwon oud style electronic hip hop programming vibe to it. Very different then his previous Hasidic reggea rock. It sounds like a Mosh Ben Ari chorus and we are pretty sure Yehuda Solomon is singing it.

Listen and/or download THE RADIO SHOW HERE.

Matisyahu just released his newest EP, Shattered on Epic Records. The four-song EP features tracks from his new full-length album, Light, which will hit stores early next year. This is not a collection of songs that sound like the past albums. In fact, it is so different fromt he past music, that we have no clue how these songs will sound with his live band.

Produced by David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, Sublime), Shattered features songs from Matisyahu’s forthcoming album recorded and mixed in Jamaica, New York, Los Angeles and Virginia. Several guest artists contribute to the four-song EP: ground-breaking Jamaican reggae rhythm section Sly & Robbie (drums and bass, “Two Child One Drop” and “I Will Be Light”), son of legendary reggae artist Freddie McGregor and among Jamaica’s youngest and most innovative young producers Stephen McGregor (co-producer, keyboards, drum-programming, “Smash Lies”) , Fish (drums, “So Hi So Lo”) and Norwood Fisher (bass, “So Hi So Lo”) of the legendary L.A. alt-punk-ska band Fishbone and experimental turntablist Ooah from the Glitch Mob (co-producer, co-writer, drum programming on “Two Child One Drop”) which featured Yehuda Solomon of Moshav on the chorus!

Check out “Smash Lies”, off of Shattered: FREE DOWNLOAD(courtesy of

AND “Master of the Field” off his upcoming album, “Light” be singing up to the Matisyahu mailing list at

p.s. Matisyahu is featured in an upcoming Documentary by Call and Response.
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– Guy Emanuel


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