Matisyahu’s “Light” reviewed

There is a lot of standing on the sun, walking through the sun, becoming light and walking through the wind and rain, but I guess after being “Shattered” and then turning into “Light”, you are bound to get a G-d complex. But seriously, this record is worlds beyond his earlierwork. “Shake Off the Dust…Arise” had heart and soul, but not enough production and diversity. “Youth” had too much diversity and production and not enough soul. “Light” is just that, the light in the tunnel of Matis’ progression as an artist. Matis has always walked theline between live jam-rock-reggae riffs and hip hop production, and this album is the first to fit both styles into a cohesive composition that makes up the vibe of the album. The album opens with “Smash Lies”, which Matis fans will remember from his Shattered EP. The song is full of energy and the style reminds me of a Saul Williams type of spoken word, rap spastic track. His single, “One Day” is the great Matisyahu stadium rocker, much like “Youth” from his last album. “I Will Be Light” is one of his most profound tracks and one in which he brings together the style of chassidic niggun and reggae-ish-rock most subtly. He sings, “time will continue without you…so in the end it’s not about you, but what did you do? who do you love? besides you? beside you?” and as he sings the chorus, “You got one tiny moment in time for life to shine and burn away the darkness” you realize he is singing this to himself just as much as the listener, it’s why he has been running through the wind, the rain and time, this is his way to bring you Light.


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