Moshiach Oi Dec 13th

Moshiach Oi is playing Arlenes Grocery at 1am this Motzie Shabbat. DO NOT MISS THIS MAYHEM. Since we didn’t just want ot post that fact, we conducted a short interview over Facebook with Moshiach Oi whose name is really Jesse, but a dude named Yoely answered the interview questions. We would expect nothing less, so here goes.

Moshiach Oi? c’mon, really? yes, really

what the heck is that? are you some kind of 770 Punk and if so are there anymore like you? I am not from 770, though it is a holy place (and very punk rock.)

Is this a novelty act, a marketing scheme or a genuine expression of yourself? Moshiach Oi! plays Torah-Hardcore-Punk, expressing real Torah messages through hardcore-punk. We love Hashem and His Holy Torah, and no, this is not a novelty act.

What distortion pedal do you use? none

Would you like to have kids some day? little punk yiddin

If you could be Moshiach Oi any time in history,…playing shows…, when would you want that time to be? right here, right now, moshiach oi!, moshiach NOW, Oi!


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