New songs added to our Audio Player

The Shemspeed Audio Player is where you will hear some of our favorite Shemspeed songs as well as exclusives you can;t hear anywhere else! Today we added some really great tracks including;

1. “Yaase Masheba Li” by Brody off his upcoming “Ad Matai” album which will be out May 2nd

2. “Boom Selecta” feat. DeScribe, Kosha Dillz, Y-Love & Eprhyme with the music of Electro Morocco. (tip: if you scroll down, you could find a free download of the track on this page!)

3. “Let Me In” feat. Nachman off of Prodezra’s latest release

4. “Tefilah” by Levi Mordechai which is Diwon’s latest group. There is no release date for this album, though it is fully finished as of today. keep checking in for news!



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