Sabra Sessions Mixtape

Found this at Jewschool:

The folks at Shemspeed are circulating a free “mixtape” (let’s pause for a moment to remember actual mix tapes… you know, the kind that involved tape? sigh…). Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, Diwon has put together a soundtrack for your next middle-eastern-themed booty-shakin’ party and made it available for you to download for free. (Beware, it’s over 72 MB, so depending on your connection, it might take a while.) Here’s the PR language with the link for the download:

Grab a free download of “SABRA SESSIONS VOL. 1″, – a high energy Israeli dance club hip hop influenced mix by Diwon, the American-Israeli DJ/Producer extraordinaire behind the Shemspeed label. The listener hears Diwon remixing, choppin up, slowing down, speeding up, and sampling all types of sounds to create a seamless mix of seemingly disjointed tracks that sound like Israel landed on top of Daft Punk & M.I.A.’s studio. “Sabra Sessions” is a mixtape I was driven to do,” commented Diwon, “where I remixed, chopped, and sped up Israeli and Hebrew music to the style of Baltimore and Miami club music and beyond.” The Sabra Sessions makes for a festive and energetic blend into Israeli culture, Hebrew music, and the sounds that move people to dance floors worldwide. Enjoy it and feel free to blast it to your emails, blogs, facebook groups, twitters…and all.

Sabra Sessions FREE Download link:

Not ready to commit 72 MB of your hard drive? Diwon has also made available a selection of remixes of Jewish and Israeli music for you to sample on his website.

p.s. wanna blog about the mixtape, but don’t know how to do all the fancy blog coding? click here –


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