Sabra Sessions Vol. 1 by Diwon (Free Download)

SABRA SESSIONS VOL. 1 by Diwon “Sabra Sessions Vol. 1” is a high energy Israeli dance club hip hop influenced mix by Diwon. Grab the Free Download below and scroll down for more info on this classic mixtape.

Diwon, the American-Israeli DJ/Producer extraordinaire behind the Shemspeed label. The listener hears Diwon remixing, choppin up, slowing down, speeding up, and sampling all types of sounds to create a seamless mix of seemingly disjointed tracks that sound like Israel landed on top of Daft Punk & M.I.A.’s studio. “Sabra Sessions” is a mixtape I was driven to do,” commented Diwon, “where I remixed, chopped, and sped up Israeli and Hebrew music to the style of Baltimore and Miami club music and beyond.” The Sabra Sessions makes for a festive and energetic blend into Israeli culture, Hebrew music, and the sounds that move people to dance floors worldwide.


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