Shems S X S W photos and Videos!

SXSW has been amazing. Everyone has been mad nice. Shemspeed played shows with everyone from King Britt, Riz MC, Yo Majesty, Rosetta Stone, iFrank, Giant Step..list goes on. Check out some of the photos below….The highlight was when we realized that everyone in the music industry was here with us and that we needed a publicity stunt. As we drove back downtown, we saw an Office Max and so we stenciled two signs. One that read Y-LOVE THIS IS BABYLON and the other that read BRINING THE REVOLUTION….Y-LOVE. As we walked through the streets with these signs, Y-Love was shouting, “Peace, Love, Unity and Respect”. It seems everyone who passed came to either ask us what we were about, buy a CD, say whats up or more often that I had anticipated, join in with us. I filmed much of it and will be posting all that very soon. for now, check some of dem photos below….



The Revolution will not be re-energized!

– rappin at the Yo Majesty, Rosetta Stone party

SXSW Crazyness!

Y-Love and dj handler @ the iFrank SXSW Party!

C Rayz Walz performign with Kosha DIllz for the Freestyle vs. Written debut with Living Legends and old dominion crew joined by Josh Martinez

Y-Love and dj handler perform at the Giant Step SXSW Party with some technical difficulties. check out the improv.


Y-Love brings the revolution pt.1


Y-Love brings the revolution pt.2


click below to see the rest of dem Photos!


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