Shemspeed Exclusive

We have been posting free singles and various tracks all over the website for a long time. Right now Modular Moods (our sister company) has linked up with us to give out exclusive tracks from their top artists. this includes Diwon’s remixes of Idan Raichel and Mosh Ben Ari as well as the title track off the upcoming Freestyle V.s Written album! the exclusive link is, but you needn’t keep it exclusive…feel free to email your mom, pop, friend and fiend with the link, so they could all get these songs for free for the summer! enjoy the wave!

p.s. the Shemspeed Open Mic is tomorrow (Weds) for Free at Tea Lounge.
here is a video of Frum Satire (the host for this month) at last months Open Mic


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