Shemspeed responds to JDub’s closing

The music / recording industry — not unlike the newspaper business — is facing a paradigm shift. Add to that the current economic climate, and it is not surprising that many independent recording labels are struggling to survive. It is with great sadness that I learned of the closing of JDub Records. The music business has certainly become a very tough venture. Shemspeed wishes everyone involved with JDub the utmost success in their future endeavors. I heartily concur with the opinion expressed by Natan Fund Executive Director Felicia Herman when she said that JDub “changed the communal conversation and made the [Jewish] community aware of the need to adapt to 21st-century American realities.” One of JDub’s artists was quoted on the blogs as saying, “I guess that leaves Shemspeed to fill the void.” Although Shemspeed has its own unique mission, goals, and signature style, we share a similar passion for infusing Jewish elements with contemporary music. As I read JDub’s statement that they plan to “try to find homes for its programs and assets,” I was reminded of the many artistic collaborations between Shemspeed’s artists and those of JDub: Sabbo of Soulico remixing Y-Love & Diwon’s “Move On” single, DeLeon as a recurring band at Shemspeed’s Sephardic Music Festival, and Girls in Trouble as the opening band for our Eprhyme release party, among others. There is already a palpable sense of connection and feeling of family between our artists and those of JDub. Shemspeed hopes to be a resource for them during this undoubtedly difficult transition. As for the future, Shemspeed is committed to bringing the message of Jewish creativity and cultural diversity to a new generation of artists, musicians, performers, advocates, supporters, and fans.

Here is to the future.

Sincerely, Erez Safar


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