Shemspeed’s twitter roll

Still not on twitter? We thought we should hit you with what some of our favorite twitter users are tweeting right now. – “A Different POV on #Gaza: Jews & Muslims “Natural Allies”, call for “stronger relationship”,”dialogue”: “
(what the hecks is he talking about?) – “Thanks everyone for your feedback on directors. Checking them out right now.”
(Matis is using twitter to find a director of his music videos. who would have thought the hasidic reggae super star would be such a new media networking type)

and of course which says “Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here.” – “_Heeb_ @ Sundance: And the Winner Is…Mariah Carey?: One sentence floated above the rest of the crowd noise ev..”
(Sundance is cool, the naked Courtney Love wall paper thing is a bit strange) – “@nahright thank you my dude…this is just beginning”
(i think he is referring to his career…which is crazy. he is on the cover of magazines without an album!) – “time to pick up the “Change” music video feat @ylove and @describemusic woot woot”
(this dude keeps it all in the fam. looking forward to seeing this video) – Got Tix? Jewlicious Festival prices GO UP after Feb. 1st. for info and tickets.”
(this we are excited about since we will be reppin hard with our artists, performances, merchandise and all that!) – “The Last Time We Had Sex:”
(this links to an article on their site) – “ hey hey hey….check out the tour promo video!!”


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