Shyne (Moshe Leviy) ‘The Last Real Rapper Alive’ is now in Yeshiva

This MC has a crazier life story than even Y-Love! -> Shyne was born in Belize, the son of Frances Franklin and Dean Barrow, the current Prime Minister of Belize. At 13 his mother brought him to Brooklyn. Fast forward to 1998, while Shyne was freestyling in a barbershop with friend J.CABA, hip hop producer Clark Kent noticed something unique in Shyne’s voice. He sounded eerily similar to the late Notorious B.I.G.. At the time, Clark Kent was working on the “Born Again” posthumous album from Biggie. Not soon after, Shyne was making his appearances on fellow bad boy’s hits. He was featured on a remix of Total’s “Sittin At Home” track and on Mase’s second album Double Up on the track entitled “From Scratch”. In the same year he was featured on Bad Boy Records CEO Sean “Puffy” Combs’ Forever album (Reverse) as well as on a remix of P.E. 2000. Fast forward to now and one would have to go to a religious seminary in Jerusalem and search for Moshe Leviy, his Jewish name, to find him. He has been a bal teshuva (return to his faith) for about 12 years. Now we just need to get him to shine on a few Shemspeed family records. We wish him the best and are awaiting his phone call. Check out this clip of him in Yeshiva.


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