SMF14-LA-2-web22Shemspeed & Bancs Media’s popular Sephardic Music Festival hit Ynet (Israeli’s largest newswire) today. Here is what they had to say: “After nine years in New York, the Sephardic Music Festival (SMF) will make its way to Los Angeles, California and is scheduled to take place on March 2-8 2014.

The festival will continue SMF’s cutting-edge reputation for presenting the best in contemporary Sephardic Jewish music from across the globe.

The word Sephardic is derived from the Hebrew word for “Spanish,” and generally refers to Jews descended from those who lived in the Iberian Peninsula until they were expelled during the Spanish Inquisition at the end of the 15th Century. They fled to countries such as, Turkey, Balkans, Southern France, Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria.

The term also includes Jews from Arab countries, such as Algeria, Yemen,Egypt, Iraq and Morocco.

Founded by American-Israeli producer Diwon, the SMF is the only Jewish music festival in the United States to focus exclusively on Sephardic music and culture and showcase the latest Mizrahi, Yemenite, and Ladino artists from around the world.

The festival offers a platform for performers of traditional Sephardic folk music and innovators who fuse traditional Sephardic rhythms, melodies, and motifs with modern musical styles.

With an incredible range of artists this year, the Sephardic Music Festival presents a colorful tapestry of music and culture as rich, vibrant, and diverse as the Jewish world itself.” (read the rest of this article at Ynet)



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