Lastnight was definitely the craziest party night of all the SMF nights. Hadag Nachash at Webster Hall sponsored by JDub and Birthright and the official after party which is already sold out at Drom with dj handler, Soulico, Kosha Dillz and Y-Love!

I walk into Webster Hall only to be blown away by how many good looking and Israel obbssesssed Jews there are. The place was mobbed with people excited about chanuka and Hadag Nachash. I must have missed Budos Band and I couldnlt really tell if Soulico was playing cuz the sound was low, but the energy was all around. All the sudden the screen on the front stage drops and Harold and Kumar are sitting in front of what looks like a Shull with a Menorah in the background. They are talking about how they aren’t Jewish, but that they once went to Hillel house and played Draidel ALL NIGHT LONG! They urged Jews everywhere to Light up a big fat…well, it was then that Harold cut Kumar off and they just wished everyone a happy Chanuka.

Hadag Nachash then took the stage to very very loud screams! They played an incredible set finishing it off with Shaanan Street singing how he is too sexy for his Hadag Nachash shirt. Then he flashed the audience with his hairy belly. It was all goofy and in perfect Hadag Style. Their last encore was the sticker song and the audience flipped out at that point which ended off the Webster show perfectly. As they stepped off the stage the After Party info at Drom was shined onto it. Everyone went running to try and get in. The problem was out of all the hundreds of RSVPs and walkins SMF was only able to host 250 at a time. When I walked into Drom it was a bit tough to get through and into the club, but once in it was amazing. The place was decorated really well and Soulico were on the decks. They spun some Israeli music and a hell of a lot of US Club joints. After they finished their set Y-Love led a Menorah lighting and quickly bum rushed the stage playing singles off his upcoming album. He was awesome and Kosha Dillz who performed two songs after him really got the crowd riled up. After that he invited dj handler to the stage to dj the rest of the party. handler spun Bulgarian tracks with mizrachi, Israeli hip hop and electro. The crowd really reacted to the mix and danced until 3am at which point they sorta started hinting to peopel that it was time to leave. I think this might have been the most impressive semitic party night I have ever been to!

– Hadag Nachash at Webster

– the insanly packed crowd

– Hadag Nachash chillen at the after party

– party people in the place

click below to see the rest of dem photos!


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