This night is what the SMF is all about! Divahn gracefully takes the stage with her crew of all female musicians. two percusionists, a bassist, a violinist, a special guest on Kanun. Galheet pulled out all the Divahn favs as well as debuting a piece from her new project that she is working on with the help of 6 Points. She jsut gave birth and sung a middle eastern lullaby for the occassion. Not forgetting to mention Chanuka, Divahn led the crowd in the Ldino classic Chanukah song, “Uno Cadelikos”. The energy was fantastic and the crowd was very welcoming.

Smadar who was very excited to make her debut to Joe’s Pub as part of the Sephardic Festival came on stage with just a violinist and drummer. She sang an ancient Tunisian chant. It was very open and intimate. The crowd was loving it and it was just that moment that the rest of her band started to take the stage. All of the sudden there was 6 musicians backing her up and she played Galya bouy from her self titled album. It was incredible. To hear music so deeply Sephardic and Arabic with such a heavy beat and powerful vocals live, is really an incredible thing. Smadar kept it going and got the audience involved. After playing her last song it was obvious that Smadar was really excited to be performing at the Theater and so she asked the sound man if she coudl play just one more. The sound man was nowhere to be found. The audience yelled out play it! I yelled out in a spanish accent, “just do it!” and so she did. We were all happy that she did because it was her most energetic and incredble song in the set!!!

– Divahn
– Divahn soloin

– Smadar!

– buyin dem CDs

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