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An article on DeScribe & Y-Love on was posted. The first few comments on the article were pretty close minded and ignorant. Here are some of the comments, let us knwo what you all think.

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no good

i am sickend from such sings its like jews are turning ti the bad side kids should not be near such music it not a jewish style
posted by Guest at Sunday, March-22-2009 5:56pm

ch res

thats a goy all the way…
posted by Guest at Sunday, March-22-2009 6:51pm


Whats Bostoner chassidic dynasty? Is that a new cult?
posted by Guest at Sunday, March-22-2009 11:52pm


shtus to kedusha! it's a beautiful and total universally chabad concept to elevate the mundane into inspirational.


only love from,
24 year old chabad geirus of 6 years, and still going strong 😉

posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 6:47pm

Ruth Rachel Anderson-Avraham

DeScribe and Y-Love are bringing young people back to Judaism by taking a secular form of expression with which they are familiar, and lifting it up to the spiritual…using their mouths and their talents to the glory of Hashem!

May they continue to be blessed in their work; may they continue to lift the world up in praise of the One, our Creator –

Yasher Koach!

posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 5:33pm


first of all its a very well put together video, and why are people complaining, doesnt chasidus tach that the purpose is to create a dira lo yisbarech betachtonim?

its a great way to be mekarev yidden, maybe you dont think your kids in oholei torah should listen to it, thats your choice, most shluchim have mixed seating at their events, maybe its not for your tomim but its definetly bringing yidden closer to hashem

posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 5:20pm

Jewish Music…Finally!

I am proud of acts like YLove, DeScribe, Golem and Diwon because they take Jewish themes and fuse them with the music in their environment. There is no such thing as Jewish Music! There is only music influenced by Jewish Thoughts! If one "rap" or one punk song brings someone to G_d, then have have performed MAJOR mitzvot!
posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 4:08pm

Loshen Hora

The people who are speaking bad of these righteous men should be ashamed of themselves. Do you know them? Have they shown you that they are bad Jews? Have you no knowledge that geirs should be given the same respect, if not more than Jews born of Jewish mothers? Sad, really.

As for the musicians, Baruch Hashem there are songs about Hashem and about the righteousness of Judaism and Torah. Who cares if someone raps it or sings in in the style of 16th century Europe? Since when does the Torah say that shirim must only be sung the way they did it in old days? There is no such provision.

These songs are not "secular" and if you all realized that the lyrics bring the younger generation closer to Hashem and Torah, then you would be whole-heartedly supporting this. In this day in age with all the inter-marriage, shouldn't we be celebrating young people who love Hashem and Torah? Shouldn't we be celebrating a medium that is more likely to garner attention of young Jews?

posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 3:47pm


if the chofetz chayyim were alive he'd be disgusted by the likes of the commenters above. why is it that jews race to malign their fellow jews but they don't race to serve hashem by loving his people? yasher koach to ylove, describe, and all other frum musicians who are doing important kiruv by showing jewish children that they can serve hashem and still be cool.
posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 3:22pm

sooo inspiring

This is sooo inspiring and artistic!
posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 3:14pm

Great work!

It's the ignorance and close mindedness of people like you that are causing so many young Jews to go "off the path"

It's the warmth and love and sincerity of the musicians above that are bringing hope to the younger generation.

Amen to the music they are creating!

Their lyrics are based on Torah thoughts and all about Unity, Respect and Love for Hashem and your fellow people.

May their acts bring about further acts of goodness and kindness and the speedy coming of Moshiach!

posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-24-2009 3:12pm


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