The 80’s messed up Ofra Haza

Man, the 80’s really got to everyone! I was just thinking how much amazing music came out right after and because of the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s”. The most famous record which quite possibly rivaled Sgt. Peppers was “Pet Sounds”, but all over the world artists were throwing their own sounds over music that sounded like one song or another from the Sgt. Peppers record, listen to Shalom Chanoch’s Lishon Lishon (which you could hear on Diwon’s upcoming “Psychadeliciwon” mixtape) or the brazlian Os Mutantes records from the early 70’s. Thinking about how one record inspired countless records around the world is mind blowing. On the flip side, the 80’s did the exact opposite, so much so that even sweet Yemenite Ofra Chaza even started churning out horrible American pop, if you want to see Ofra in her true old school Yemenite fashion check our past post, here. To see how badly the 80’s effected here just click play on the video to the left.


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