the anti anti-semitism song

This just in from Dov Rosenblatt:
“here’s a new song i wrote after repeatedly watching that disturbing clip you all sent me last week of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish students at York University in Toronto rallying and blocking Jewish students from entering their own Hillel offices. Unfortunately, this is only one of many scary and upsetting videos of this nature that have been circulating lately; the anti-Israel rally in Ft.Lauderdale, the riot in London in which anti-Israel protesters (who want PEACE) smashed up a Starbucks, etc… The song is called “It’s Over”. It’s pretty raw right now, un-produced, just my guitar and 3 vocals. Lyrics are below.”
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“It’s Over” – Lyrics:

Won’t you try to hear
where I’m coming from
underneath your fears
Words of hatred come from you

How can I shake hands
Blood still stains their wrists
Arms are open fire
Anger fills their fists day and night
Don’t wanna fight

I mean it
It’s over
Take back what you’ve created
Don’t make me
Believe that You
Can live while all your children die

“Now what have you done?
Did you think I’d be proud?
Show your face, my son
Out from all your smoke filled clouds


Shame shame shame
How will it look
When after all this time
Side by side we’ve been
Please don’t leave me now…

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