we’re also taking over the art game

The Shabbos before my wife and I left for our move to Seattle my sister beitressa mandelbaum came with a friend of hers name abshalom jac lahav an Israeli artist. Over some giffilte fish we spoke about his new exhibit which is called 48 jews that is now touring the country. He picked 48 iconic jews from politics to entertainment to paint abstract portraits of . But there is much more behind it everyone of the 48 have hand picked after doing tons of research about there live he realized that some of there claims of being jewish where not so and others who are known not to be jewish like Elvis Preseley come from a maternal line of jews. His abtract approach to depicting them challanges their identity and the myths behind them. Make sure to check out this exhibit when it hits your city.

– Yosef Mandelbaum

P.s Fidel Castro’s dad was a sephardic jew


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