The Death of Jay-Z, I mean, The Life of Autotune

whoa, Jay-Z’s “Death of Autotune” track is really really not good. In fact it would be a good track to promote using Autotune on bad tracks. We just learnt that the track is actually co-produced by Kanye and after watching this video it is obvious that this anti-autotune track is one of the worst moments in hip hop history. As he rhymes how he is a multi-millionaire and on top of the game, you just watch this feeling bad that after all that he choses to make a gimmicky track over a horribly annoying song thinking his weight will stop autotune. Although if the track was made by a Jewish producer it would be kinda cool that he threw in some klezrinets in a Jay-Z song. Anyway, MCs use autotune because it sounds cool not because Jay-Z thought it was cool, so not sure why he thinks he could end it, but rhyming about the death and asking for a moment of silence and chanting about how he doesn’t need a melody while getting the crowd to sing ” shananana hey hey hey goodbye” just is not working for me or for him, for that matter.

to watch the best use of Autotune click below


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