The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook

Maybe it’s just me, but when i first read that there was a book called, “The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook” I felt kinda weird inside, maybe I am just strange….well, here is the deal. Two years ago Joanne Caras of Port St Lucie, Florida, visited her son and daughter-in-law in Jerusalem. Among the sites visited was Carmei Ha’ir, the Soup Kitchen, where they both volunteer. Carmei Ha’ir serves more than 500 meals each day to poor and hungry Israelis.

So impressed was Joanne with the Soup Kitchen that she came home determined to raise money to support them.

For more than two years Joanne and her entire family worked tirelessly to collect recipes and stories from Holocaust Survivors. They are all compiled into this unforgettable cookbook.

“We asked Holocaust Survivors to send us their favorite recipe, photos, and also the story of how they were able to survive the Holocaust”, Joanne said. “We collected 129 stories from all over the world, including Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, and many US states. Each one is a miracle!

“In the introduction to our cookbook we ask each person who cooks one of the recipes to also read to their family the story that comes with it. That way, not only will we preserve the recipes, but more importantly we will help to insure that the stories of these brave Survivors will live on for generations to come,” Joanne added.

Proceeds from every cookbook sold will benefit Carmei Ha’ir. Cookbooks can be purchased individually at the retail price or in large quantities at the wholesale price by groups who want to sell them to members as a fundraiser.

“Our goal is to raise $1 million for Carmei Ha’ir, and millions more for Jewish groups all over the world”, Joanne said. “In total we would like to raise $6 million as a tribute to the memory of those Jews who did not survive the Holocaust.”

Holocaust Survivor Cookbooks can be ordered by going to their website,


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