The Israeli director behind the original “Homeland” and the Israeli model/actress in front of the follow up

600full-moran-atiasGideon Raff is the creative mind behind the Israeli drama (Prisoners of War) that the award winning ‘Homeland’ series is based off of. Raff spends his time between Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, writing, directing and filming his next two, soon to be hit, tv shows. The first is Dig which will air on USA Network this fall and the second, which we are really excited about is a sort of reverse Homeland and is dubbed, Tyrant. Tyrant stars Israel’s own Moran Atias, model turned actress and producer, known for The Next Three Days (2010), Crash (2008) and Mother of Tears (2007). Tyrant premieres this month on FX. If you want to binge watch this like Homeland, you may have to wait a bit.


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