The Jewfro & My Old Roomate’s Response To Frum

This was a comment on Frum Satire’s blog, left by my roomate Brando who has a Jewfro (not pictured here)….

My somewhat typical/somewhat odd conversation with an African American lady on the train yesterday – in chicago (no, not all jews live in nyc):

LADY: What nationality are you?

ME: Well, I’m American. But I’m guessing you are wondering if I am Jewish. But I that’s more of a religion than a nationality.

LADY: Yes, that is what I was wondering. Because you look Jewish, you just have that look about you. (jestures her hand in a circle around her face)

ME: Yeah, i get that a lot.

LADY: Wow, so you are Jewish. That is sooo cool. (huge smile on her face)

ME: Really? How so?

LADY: Because you are from the Chosen People. That’s what we believe in my church. You and your people are so special.

ME: Gee… Well, thank you. I think you are pretty special too.

THEN THE CONDUCTOR CAME AROUND AND ASKED FOR EVERYONE’S FARE (this is not a regular train, but the kind that goes from the city out to the burbs)

LADY: (to the conductor) Stamp mine twice please (and she points to me).

Moral: Sometimes it pays to look Jewish.


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