Nosson Zand and Matis

Nosson Zand jumped on with Matisyahu, C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz while they performed their song “Childhood” at Music Hall. The first time we heard Nosson is when he sent over his “Fresh” track which began with the words “Chochma Bina Da’at For Real” over and over. It was hypnotic and well, fresh. So it’s great to see that he has been embraced by the likes of Matis who featured Nosson on his past tour. So what does Matisyahu think of this new Chabad MC? “Nosson Zand is the real thing. In the world of “Jewish Music” and Jewish rappers there is absolutely no one who if they asked me to write a recommendation quote, I would get behind, with the exception of Nosson. Religious Jew or not he can hold his own with an authentic style. The fact that he represents our people and his lyrics carry weight is unique in this age of the prostitution of hip hop music and the unyielding emptiness and spiritual death that is drowning American youth.” — Matisyahu, February, 2008
That’s one strong a$$ recommendation, but we agree Nosson is getting up there and will soon be all over the map like Jewish rap stars, Y-Love, and Kosha Dillz. We are looking forward to hearing his debut album. For now you could check out his 4 song demo on itunes. L’chaim.


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