The Weird Legend of the Kli Yakar

My 11 year old sister in law who lives in Crown Heights some how stumbled on this weird movie trailer for The Legend of the Klei Yakar (aka “The Precious Vessel”). I told her she has to write a review of it for the Daily. ch-ch-check it:

From my lil sis in law:

To: D.J. Bro-in-law (She actually calls me that)
Subject: as a joke, we need some funniness in this world.
Sent: Sep 29, 2009 10:41 PM

here is the review i would write if i were to for that {shudders} movie trailer we saw

This is the new must see trailer. I, personally like the part where there is a large freakishly looking face that fills the screen. Hint hint; he has a big nose. I would give this trailer a 3.5 because of how hard they tried to make it good. I dare you to watch this trailer.
And im sorry my dear friend, if you have nightmares at the end.

Just know this:

I have warned you.


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