there is Irreverent & there is Heeb

This is an ugly cry for attention, but one we have been accustomed to from the “We Wish We Were Vice Magazine” also known as Heeb. Here Perez Hilton, a blogger who is even more of a media whore than Heeb, speaks out against them. This is some history right here.
Oy Vey! Roseanne Begging For A Little Controversy

Roseanne Barr might get herself thrown in an oven for this stunt, but we have a good feeling that she really could give a shit less.

These are some shots from a recent photo-shoot Roseanne did for HEEB magazine. As one can plainly see, the comedienne is channeling her inner Hitler while baking up some cookies – some “Jew cookies.”

Their words! Not ours!

This Hitler Homemaker look will surely garner her a lot of heated attention. Perhaps that’s what she was going for?

What do U think of the photos? Insensitive or Ingenious?

PS: We hear Mel Gibson would like a dozen cookies for himself, if she can spare them.

[Photographed by Bradley Meinz]”

– originally posted in with reporting from Guy Emanuel.


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