White Rappers

Jewish hip hop is becoming bigger and bigger in fact Shemspeed is heading down to Jewlicious Festival in Long beach CA to unleash the latest of the genre. Its funny how it probably started with Shlock Rock naturally parodying a hip hop track (they did so many parodies it only made sense) oh, and, for those with a local Orthodox CD store in their neighborhoods, Black Hatitude were doing it hard back in the 90’s. They were two rappers who obviously overdosed on Tribe Called Quest, Alice and Chains and Digable Planets, but the content was all very very religious. In fact if you didn’t know anything about Yeshiva, youl would be totally lost. They took the hayevin yavin attitdue. Anywaym I’m happy where we are at now. With Y-Love, Kosha Dillz and Niz, things are looking pretty nice and seeing this ridiculous video makes me pray to Hashem and thank him that our market isn’t saturated with this clueless white boy style….still.


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