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I had to make this it’s own post. Y-Love chimes in on all the Chabad website comments. Don’t get me wrong a lot of the comments are great, but some of them are so close minded and ignorant. To see what he is commenting on click to collive.com

From Y-Love
I’m going to address these שונאים (haters) individually:

Commenter 1: Precisely what IS Lubavitch about then, if not using new inventions and media to bring people closer to G-d and Torah? When the Internet first came out in the 90s, Chabad was right there with chabad.org, when the .info domain came out, Chabad was right there. When Litvish people were crying over TVs, Chabad was making telethons. Why don’t YOU have rachmanus on the children who you would deprive of hearing Torah messages in a 21st-century format?

Commenter 3: I’m actually not a Bostoner chassid, I was learning under the Bostoner auspices when my bio was written in 2005, no updated versions of my bio contain a reference to it — my rav is Sephardi (his chacham is a musmach from R’ Ovadia) and I’ve taken on his nusach, etc;

Commenter 19: Precisely what IS Jewish music then? I have lectured nationwide on varying definitions of Jewish music, and very few are as restrictive and outdated as that which you seem to have. The producer Yossi Green, when asked what Jewish music is, said “where a melody is joined with a specific lyric that familiar or not familiar, to teach a certain message, to convey a feeling, that makes you closer to G-d. That basically what we consider as Jewish music.” That’s my definition and I’m sticking to it.

Commenter 23: I’m sorry! This week G-d willing 🙂

Commenters 6, 8, 11 – It is truly lamentable that one would be such a baby pining for 19th century Europe in the midst of a klal Yisra’el that faces a 50%+ intermarriage rate, and where only 1 in 7 are Orthodox. If you think that now is the time to restrict media in which Torah messages can be disseminated, you are being horribly counterproductive at best, and antithetical to your entire sect at worst. If you think that now is the time to say where Torah CAN’T be, then it makes me wonder which side (סטרא) you are actually on.

Now is not the time to be an anachronistic stick-in-the-mud. Now is not the time to place walls around other people’s hearing words of Torah in formats they identify with, and actually like (because honestly, of his 297 videos, just to pick a heimish example, Avraham Fried only has 6 which have more YouTube views than “Change”, news flash: kids today don’t dig klezmer). Niggunim are being remixed, hiphop is being made, change has already come.

Those of us who are living in the now are saying “Moshiach now.” Feel free to build a time machine and go back to a time you feel more comfortable in.

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