Y-Love’s Mosh Pit Yeshiva Comments on Facebook

Y-Love wrote on the Wall for the event “MASSIVE SHEMSPEED SUMMER MUSIC FEST SHOW @ BELLHOUSE”:

Y-Love – “I’d like to add that there are multiple punk bands playing — this means a mosh pit is a CHIYUV D’RABBANAN (חיוב מדרבנן) and one would be remiss not to join/participate in one.”

Diwon – true, but the punk hard core night is actually Tuesday night at Piano’s with Juez, Burning Bush and Moshiach Oi! Bellhouse will be massive, Piano’s will be hard core. hmmm. go to both suckaaaaz!

Y-Love – “yes, but the Thursday show DOES have punk rock.

you might think that the Thursday show wouldn’t have punk rock. קא משמע לן, it does. And this requires a mosh pit. התניא there was a Shemspeed show in Teaneck and there was no mosh pit?!? שמע מינה- we learn from R’ Patrick A’ that a show can be punk rock and off the chain with no mosh pit. But is it really about having a phat show? הכא במאי עסקינן? B’Shemspeed. Obviously the show will be hot. אלא מאי? We are dealing with a phat, Shemspeed show. From this we learn, mosh pits are required/חיובי. From this we learn, Diwon is getting dragged out into the pit בעל כרחו.”

(illustration by phil blank)


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